Ethical Innovator

Every minute, of every day patients and staff are needlessly suffering due to antiquated methods and status quo models that apply exclusivity. When new solutions come online, these typically perform for the dominant culture, race, language, literacy and socioeconomic backgrounds while ignoring other population’s needs.

If a patient is not male, English as a second language (ESL), low literacy, non-caucasian, has lower socioeconomic status, is a senior, is not of the regional culture and faith, or a myriad of other deviations from the dominant population then:

▪ Wait times are significantly longer
▪ Error levels are significantly higher
▪ Cost to the system is significantly greater
▪ Experience of prejudice is real, reliable and untenable
▪ Challenges to staff are compounded
▪ Satisfaction is lower
▪ Efficacy is measurably reduced

This is not okay, this is not ethical and this should not be accepted any longer. The exclusive application and methods are literally killing people.

GeaCom is an ethical innovator that collaborates with medical and K-12 systems to bring about meaningful innovation that applies equally, uses modernized methods, is scientifically validated, proven, scalable and of lower cost. Every solution on CITE platforms is for the entire population, equally. When GeaCom says it is the only Civil Rights solution in the market this is not only an ethical statement but also a rational approach that has wide reaching benefits. Ethical innovation is the only that aligns with the hippocratic oath and social mission of healthcare.

2019: Breakthrough Phrazer/Kitsune & CITE Solution Advancements

The fastest, most affordable equity innovation is GeaCom’s promise (and literally the only proven equity solution).  The unmatched, blazing innovation pace is only realized due to purpose built, medical grade CITE tools that include hardware, user interfaces, operating system, specialized server stacks and direct content development.  A full feature rich foundation for rapid market driven innovation is proving unparalleled.  Without further preamble, here are the 2019 breakthrough advancements: 

CITE Engagements

GeaCom’s greatest value is the proven capability to more effectively engage anyone despite language, literacy, gender, culture, age and more.  During 2019 the uncontested world leading engagements expanded by more than 4 fold. 

Virtual Health

A new feature for rapidly transitioning from CITE engagements to on-system (live video) physician engagements and back, seamlessly was incorporated.  Patients and staff now engage and advance care more effectively, even in the ‘waiting room’.  This feature is also used for care provided out in the community where mental health assessments or general engagements identify populations with greater need and bring the care team directly to them (in their homes, at work or in the community), at the moment of need.

Fast Track

In concert with seamless live engagements, GeaCom and its medical advisors added identifiers to determine which patients could be “fast tracked” to care and discharge without even being roomed.  This feature enables physicians, in facility or out, to see patients who can be quickly engaged, assisted and discharged without further impact on resources.  Estimates from medical research indicate that as many as 40% of ER and Urgent Care visits can be fast tracked, saving time, money and resources while improving patient experience. 

Mesh Network Functionality

Integrating new, highly responsive technology in a burdened infrastructure can be expensive, daunting and additive but with the new Mesh functionality the entire integration is run on a self generated network.  No wiring, no additional network hooks, no routers and load balancing hardware; just place Phrazer/Kitsune and it handles the rest.

MRM Enhancements

Multi-path Realtime Messaging is at the core of CITE functionality.  Previous iterations focused on one-to-one benefits (one patient, one staff listener) but now the expanded MRM adds custom messages to individual staff members.  This feature directs staff to most efficient performance, process adherence and constant patient awareness that is highly specific to the individual staff member.  Additional MRM use of EMR, alert boards and the caregiver Kitsune bring vast possibilities to this breakthrough feature.  The most stunning advancement of the new MRM is that it can engage staff offsite as well for realtime, live updates enabling fast track and virtual engagements.


The new Patient Entertainment Portal and Services feature adds a whole new interface set that patients LOVE.  In the patient’s own language and appropriate to their age and culture, this interface provides self guided health engagements and avast array of entertainment.

Tethering and Network Sharing

Often medical systems have poor network or patients can’t access their cell networks and now in these cases, Phrazer/Kitsune can create custom private networks for patient’s friends and family to access and use for both PEPS and Internet services.

Screen Casting 

This new feature provides the ability to ‘cast’ what is on a Phrazer/Kitsune screen to one or multiple other screens.  You can cast PEPS to a large screen or host group  video conferences from Phrazer/Kitsune.  The casting also makes it possible to send live updates to all patients or a sub-group by casting a master screen.  This feature also opens possibilities for controlling content to waiting room TV screens and hosting group trainings.

OHA Expansions

The Open Handset Alliance feature enables a secure, isolated access for incorporating Android or iOS applications, natively, onto Phrazer/Kitsune.  GeaCom has added live translation partners ‘Apps’ such as LanguageLine, CyraCom and Google translate solutions.  Also added are games, podcasts, books and specialty staff reference tools.  The OHA means you can run your favorite Apps on the most secure, fastest and only qualified platform without any additional coding or costs.

PPV and Revenue (sponsorships and advertisements)

GeaCom certified as a JP Morgan Chase payment gateway which enables Pay-Per-View and other commerce features on Phrazer/Kitsune.  This feature enables patients to access more premium services.  Also incorporated are sponsorship and advertising interfaces so users may choose free services while the managing system experiences increased revenue.

Faster EMR connections

Our partners and GeaCom have worked diligently to ensure faster, lower cost and more expensive EMR connectivity.  During 2019 the cost has dropped by more than 50% while the time required to integrate decreased by up to 80%.

OpenGL Engagements

After years of development GeaCom is ready to unveil the new high speed, high response 3D interfaces.  Fully interactive and dynamically adaptive human models, matching the patient, are now available for countless CITE engagements to further enhance the look, feel and value of the experience.

Process Improvement and Adherence 

With the new Mesh Network, casting, new caregiver Kitsune and enhanced MRM, vast horizons in process improvement, staff adherence and realtime patient/staff/system coordination have opened.  Realtime touch to all assets can now coordinate with AI to create best performance facilities.

Staff Competency Development

Phrazer/Kitsune staff training and competency engagements are now available for everything from cultural competency to policy and procedures and CMEs to CDC notifications. For new on-boarding staff to reinforcement for established staff; staff competency on the CITE platform educates, confirms and assures everyone is on the ‘same page’.

K-12 and Community Engagements

After 3 years of in market research, performance and breakthrough results, the new CITE Althing was released with rich K-12 and community interfaces and features.  Bridging best of class hardware, CITE engagements and education with community services is proving to be the most powerful community health and services technology ever conceived.  Seamless transitions from pediatric to community to shared decision making interfaces; all community focused and owned is a new breakthrough of CITE.

OTA Updating

Secure “Over The Air updating” is fully enhanced for realtime evolution of Phrazer/Kitsune engagements.  No IT overhead, no delays and even use of the new mesh function enables realtime updates, fast, lightweight and reliably.   With innovation as a cornerstone OTA brings high speed innovation to reality. 

What Really Matters

Never loosing focus on equity in engagements, the Civil Rights benefits, innovation and being the best of class platform remains GeaCom’s core philosophy and during 2019 it was well maintained and enhanced.

Becoming the Expert: Patient Engagement Across All Demographies

No other entity has ever succeeded in achieving equal, reliable and accurate results from the general patient population.  Without variant due to age, language, literacy, gender and other key factors, GeaCom’s CITE Solutions have achieved a first ever result of equal engagement for all.  This achievement isn’t a breakthrough for the ethical benefit of equity but it also shines a light on never before possible efficiency and performance capabilities. 

From its inception GeaCom took on what was previously considered impossible. The Company was committed to solve this tremendous challenge and highly intelligent and qualified personnel were added and put to the task.  Research and involvement of and with the most cutting edge studies into human communication were initiated.  Outreach to special interest groups with diversity in age, culture, literacy, etc. was established and remains ongoing.  Understandings of what a population group has in common and what makes it unique in direct correlation to what makes commonalities and differences relevant in medical engagements were gathered.

Informed by its established understandings of human factors and CITE a new technology with purpose design was produced in the form of a highly specialized engagement solution, Phrazer/Kitsune.   The first models were then put into service with staff, then suppliers, then family, then community members, then culture groups, then medical experts and ultimately patients by the thousands as an ongoing study.   Several models of the new to the world hardware were created, refined, improved and advanced based on gained insights.  This was a decade long process, performed in a variety of environments, states and countries, where many dead-ends were identified, new pathways were illuminated and new knowledge was gained.

With the functional hardware, new knowledge and the ability to engage in market GeaCom began effectively running the largest medical demography research in the world.  This research and its findings remains ongoing with millions of qualified interactions across thousands of democracies yielding ever expanding insights into normalizing the patient variable and performing higher quality, equitable medical engagements.

GeaCom’s commitment to its mission is ongoing.  Gathered insights required ever adaptive performance with CITE Systems so GeaCom has produced new the the world adaptive CITE engagement solutions that can react to and adjust with learnings in near realtime. The ability to identify and rapidly respond to new findings is a cornerstone of innovative development.  When a new language, new medical need or new insight is identified, GeaCom’s systems can generate quality checked adaptation and then securely implement these in a targeted fashion over secure technology connections that become new patient engagements immediately.  

Once employed, the results of the adaptive changes are measured in real time.  From this process GeaCom has found a path to quickly attain the world’s greatest accuracy and efficiency of cross demographic, human information exchange in the medical market place (99.9%).  CITE methodologies have boosted the programs with an unmatched level of unaided patient completion, patient satisfaction, patient preference and care compliance.  

Here we come to the stunning fact that the breakthrough performance works in any language, literacy, gender, races and culture.

Becoming the Expert: Communication and Information Theory Empowered

Why does a keyboard make sense to use?  Why a mouse?  How about the non-intuitive “windows” on a computer or phone that you must navigate?  Do you wish the keyboards didn’t lead to so many errors (typos) and take so long to produce communication with?  Does the mouse lack what your hands can simply do?  Often, do you find yourself confused as to where and in what interface some vital feature is located?  How about the pure misunderstanding that is email, text and social networking?  Unnatural and ineffective but accepted…

The fact is, things are not designed using CITE, therefor they have a steep learning curve.  Often design should never have been a certain way but due to factors such as economy, conflict, limitations of technology and people’s inability to think ‘outside of the box’, they became status quo and the world has suffered for it.  Designers typically do the best they can with a combination of what is common practice and generally available technology.  Today however, there is new knowledge resulting from rapidly advancing technology expanding the available data to evolutionary biology and psychology researchers.  FMRI studies, expanded international collaborations, data analytics and other technologies have opened a new horizon of understanding in the fields of Communication Theory and Information Theory that can now be leveraged to create an stockily effective advancement in technology aided human interaction that results in never before possible beneficial outcomes.  This new capability is called Communication, Information Theory Empowered (CITE) technologies and GeaCom has pioneered the first successful market implementations.  

Communication Theory is the science of human interaction that includes understandings of universal meaning and trust.  It is considerate of the evolutionary biological factors and modern interaction requirements refined to a natural science.
Information Theory is the science of true “information” and is concerned with eliminating “junk” data.  Where humans are concerned the ability to effectively replicate information and meaning from one person to another for effective results is the challenge.  This science emerged as recently as the 1950s with Claude Shannon, the founder of binary.

GeaCom’s founder (a student of CITE) identified the world’s most tragic failure state of communal and ethical services where CITE may resolve the ongoing failure.  The foundation of GeaCom is the development of CITE solutions for use in addressing some of the most vital and meaningful challenges in our world today.  The resulting products and solutions have been refined and successfully implemented in medical, security and education markets to great effect.  So stunning and effective is CITE Systems that the market has difficultly measuring and understanding the achievements such as 99.9% accuracy performance, complete equity and Civil Rights coverages, improved efficiencies and experience and so much more.

For GeaCom, becoming the expert started with taking the challenge of inventing commercial CITE solutions.  Next was testing, refinement and learning how to measure results.  Finally this has led to the largest, ongoing commercial research and growth of of CITE understanding ever launched.  Launched despite barriers, cost and time because it is right and it must lead the way to a better future.  Now with millions of qualified CITE interactions performed and ongoing in market we are at the mere beginning of a new level of effective interaction; and GeaCom is leading this as the world experts.

Becoming the Expert: EMR and IT Integration

A little over 10 years ago, when GeaCom entered the market the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) was running strong and federally sponsored EMR programs were implementing at a rapid pace.  GeaCom’s founding team has extensive database, WebService and JSON skills so quickly developed a full , secure EMR dataset within the Phrazer framework.  The full dataset enabled an on-device, portable EMR that included the entirety of CCHIT data sets.  Phrazer can function as an EMR but in typical application the system securely exchanges data with the EMR using HL7v2 or API.  The first digital EMRs appeared over 50 years ago but the modern age ushered in about a decade ago as GeaCom was developing as a leader of secure data exchange.

The EMR companies have not exactly made it easy to exchange data nor have they done well with standardization.  GeaCom has tracked with this process and remains expert on direct connections but now due to the extensive time demand and changes, the proposed method of CITE System integration is via a specialty integrator.  The specialty integrators are focused experts with Epic, Cerner, MediTech, e-Clinical Works and dozens of other popular EMRs and they include developer specialists from many of those EMR companies in their staff.  These integrators enable the use of utilities with the EMR, not just CITE Systems but anything you want to exchange data with.  The process takes less than a day’s time and has Phrazer/Kitsune up and providing benefits quickly and reliably.

As for IT integration, the CITE System is unsurpassed for security, stability and safety.  The Shannon OS is the only un-hacked solution on the market, to run the only purpose build hardware in the market.  The vast majority of security failures on EMR interchanges are due to exposed OS, 3rd party developers or improperly designed hardware and data exchanges (all issues that don’t exist with CITE Systems).

Today, when a medical system graduates to CITE Method (and chooses to value patient Civil Rights) it can be reliably integrated in a matter of hours.  If a medical enterprise is looking for non-disruptive integration, CITE Systems perform out-of-the-box with Cerner, Meditech, e-ClinicalWorks, AllScripts and dozens of others, to achieve vital and quick wins for equity, efficiency and efficacy. 

Becoming the Expert: Technological Integration of Digital Medical Solutions

When the company that produces the hardware also provides the integration, there is the highest level of expertise, professionalism and accountability inherent in the process. 

Purpose built technologies are designed, from inception, to be integrated into the specialized market and use cases. There are no superfluous features, missing capabilities or need for highly modified ways of forcing the wrong solution into an application. A purpose built hardware coupled with a purpose built Operating System combines to be a highly specialized and market capable platform that exceeds all set standards and requirements out-of-the-box. Combine same-source User Interfaces and technology integration features with the purpose built platform and you have a one-of-a-kind level of implementation excellence for effective, efficient results and conclusive results that perform exactly as desired.

GeaCom is “all in” on CITE systems and their proper implementation; we are more invested and more competent than any market supplier.  GeaCom can’t, won’t and doesn’t blame hardware or a 3rd party suppliers for issues related to integration (there no issues and no 3rd parties).  Knowing exactly how technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, memory, drivers and features were designed to work with the Phrazer/Kitsune, ensures the deepest knowledge for successful, adaptive and efficient implementation.  This knowledge leads to faster, more reliable and less expensive integrations.  Should special function or features be required; GeaCom, as the hardware and OS provider, has the expertise and immediate access to make these a reality.  Full accountability is achieved as a single source, hardware/OS/User Interface qualified supplier.

Becoming the Expert: Medical Hardware Design and Manufacture

The most innovative medical engagement solution in the world; safe, secure, qualified and out performing consumer systems is produced in Minnesota.  From concept to leading designer and production of high performance digital systems, this has been a singularly unique process. 

There are millions of ideas that consider making specialty high-speed, complex digital hardware yet there are very few cases of manufacturing success to market qualification.  In the medical market where the barriers are higher, qualifications more stringent and hardware performance demand uncompromising, there is a lower than 1% success rate.  We’re not talking pumps, monitors and specialty one purpose technologies like scanners but more demanding general purpose systems for patient and staff engagement.  In this space, of the millions of concepts, only one has made it to market.  This is a short review of that path.

For GeaCom it started with an idea to address the most urgent and meaningful challenge in global health today; efficient equity and enhanced efficacy.  Something that can bridge the gulf between caregiver and those seeking care without eliminating the vital human factor.  A system based on Communication & Information Theory Empowered technologies.  The hardware must be capable of sophisticated human interactions in any language, literacy, culture and more while being encapsulated in a compact, human factors designed and safe package.  This means something new to the world.  A product with digital sophistication, design complexity and subtlety in its creation.

In the early days it was simple cardboard and wood designs to test the physical manifestation against human factors and pleasant flowing lines.  A measure of proper handle diameters for all sizes, angles for rheumatoid arthritis patients, a screen neither too big nor too small and testing, testing, testing using the closest facsimiles available.  Ultimately, as research narrowed the field the first 3D print models were made with space for Populated Circuit Boards (PCBs).  We learned the optimal size, shape and weight.  This was a multiple year process of research, testing, sourcing and applying.

With a clear idea of PCB sizes (in this case to fit behind a display) it was time design an electronics system that met interoperability requirements while offering the vital CITE enhancements, all while exceeding stringent regulatory standards of the medical market.  Electronic emissions were addressed, operation within old and new infrastructure considered, forward looking standards designed to, new levels of memory availability to support the millions of interactions put into service and power systems that never interrupted vital engagement with the patient.  Some technology that was generally available and some that was totally new to the world and special became part of the design.  It turns out anything new, even moderately different is many factors more difficult to bring “to life”.  GeaCom started with “bread boards”, moved to open hardware technologies, graduated to specialty evaluation modules (EVMs) and started the path to producing PCBs from the ground up.

Utilizing the assistance of component makers like Texas Instruments, Micron, Sierra Wireless and many, many others, then leveraging the experience of quality board manufacturers and finally engaging global component consolidation firms a Supply Chain Integration Partners,  our journey to production of marketable product was well on the way.  The initial Bill of Materials (BoM) is now defined.  Even at that stage there was much to learn and the program hadn’t even come half way to fruition.  The arduous task of design, test, revision is one not to be taken lightly.  Many high performance digital PCBs go through as many as a dozen revisions before achieving stable performance (each revision takes months).  Technical considerations such as ground planes, impedance, heat, vibration and more were meticulously identified, refined and perfected.  Unique features such as cascading power systems, circuit protectors, environmental adjustments, antenna tuning and power management is a long process that can’t be shortcut.

Certifications then become the next big challenge.  UL, UN, CE, FDA, FCC, PTCRB and more are all long, expensive processes.  Simply attaining certifications for lithium batteries and transport is a protracted process.  The antenna systems for WiFi, cell network and private networks is a highly specialized and fine tuned process that alters design with cascading effect to all levels from silicone up.  A process of record keeping to meet demanding requirements is also a major endeavor that takes thousands of expert person hours.  Small decision mistakes at this stage cost months and millions so much care must be taken to gain the best insights and advice.  Once certifications are achieved then the design enters “frozen state” and the process of efficient manufacture lies ahead.  

With PCBs in proper state the process of finalizing mechanicals (plastics) begins.  Fine tuning for pinch points, pressure points is achieved through ongoing destructive testing.  Assembly considerations come to play as the time to produce in labor, when high volumes are in play, dwarfs the time/cost of refining at this stage.  When the final design of each mold is determined highly complex release drafting and mold angles are determined with cycle time in consideration.  Any ‘double shot’ molds are highly tuned and tested before finally sending the  design for FDA grade steel cut (a process that takes months).  Once cut, the the specialty plastics sourcing and on-press refinement begins.

With mechanicals, Bill of Materials and PCBs defined, the writing of specifications and testing procedures can be performed. The Specifications are 1000s of pages of definitions of details on requirements of manufacture, sourcing, qualified machine use, assembly procedures, inline testing like “bed of nails” & circuit probes and operational testing before boxing and shipping. 

Thousands of hours of research, 10s of thousands of hours of design and redesign, 100s of thousands of hours building and testing and millions of dollars of expenditures.  This brings us only to the point of market entry.  The actual process and detail can fill several books.  While working on this there was plenty of criticism and conjecture but not time to stop nor desire to reconsider.  When finally the product reached market readiness, we did look up and found GeaCom alone as the only qualified producer of North American made medical grade engagement technology.  We stand alone as the world’s only manufacturer of product in this segment and leader in portable power management, CITE and FDA technologies.  Inline with this accomplishment GeaCom registered patents and established key trade secrets to protect its innovations from theft and copying.  

I’d be pleased to address any questions or inputs from readers and will expound on the other aspects of bringing vital innovations to market with complex platforms.

Privacy and Compliance

GeaCom is currently, and always has been compliant with all reporting requirements.  Having recently experienced additional scrutiny in defending a meritless lawsuit, the resulting “Statement of Facts” independently confirms GeaCom’s compliant performance and is now part of Federal court records.  Shareholders ‘in the know’ are pleased that GeaCom operates in compliance with all reporting requirements and, in fact, has gone to additional lengths to satisfy shareholder interests.

One of the benefits of being a private company is that publishing information to the public is not required. Keeping information private affords small companies the latitude to operate “under the radar” of larger competitors who would use information to their advantage. GeaCom’s stakeholders generally appreciate the importance of keeping private, the financials, employee files, shareholder lists and more. When inappropriately pressed for this information the Company has remained inflexible in defending its privacy. Even large private Companies don’t report publicly (i.e. Cargill) because of the inherent disadvantages. Here is a link that goes a bit further into the facts:

GeaCom values its shareholders and works extremely hard in their interest.  GeaCom values and requires its privacy and that of its shareholders, as do all private companies. The Company reserves the right to protect its privacy and to disclose materials in the manner that best serves the interest of the Company and shareholders.

GeaCom’s Successful Defense of Frivolous Lawsuits

It is a great day for GeaCom, having success in defending against two meritless lawsuits.  The Company is now free of this distraction as well as the people who brought the suits.  For GeaCom and its shareholders this has the benefit of addition by subtraction.

Motivation for slanderous claims, false reports, attempted character assassination and legal assault against a leader in Civil Rights and Innovation, such as GeaCom, is difficult to understand.  In this case GeaCom and its Officers faced both a simple contract dispute and a more bizarre second suit that purported a cornucopia of nonsense ranging from misuse of funds to ponzi scheme.  Unfortunately, the highly funded and motivated plaintiff achieved a news spot in a local outlet that was quickly followed by a misinformation campaign and stumping for a shareholder uprising; the undermining effort was sustained for nearly two and a half years.  GeaCom in return simply, quietly and confidently defended and let the legal system perform its service.  From the beginning the legal process steadily stripped away the false and unsupported claims with dismissals and continued to do so until the successful conclusion.

There are cautionary tales of charlatans in entrepreneurship that have nefarious motivations.  The ’snake oil salespeople’ can be hard to discern from the ‘real deals’ of the world.  Both make grand claims and buck the status quo but only one can prove its assertions.  In GeaCom’s case, we’re committed to reinventing and improving a status quo that is foundational in society.  GeaCom makes grand claims such as the ability to equally engage nearly any person, in any language, more effectively than any known alternative (a civil rights breakthrough).  GeaCom claims to have developed, ‘from scratch’, medical grade hardware, in North America, that meets FDA standards, competes with, and even outperforms, iconic consumer brands.  GeaCom also asserts to be making inroads with the world’s most trusted medical brands; all from a small city in Northern Minnesota.  The Company has and continues to prove its claims every day – that’s the way you can tell which GeaCom is.

The Company is pleased to have learned to be even better in our communication, documentation and professionalism.  GeaCom is appreciative of its board, staff, shareholders and customers who always knew the true nature of this committed Company.  Starting today we will be announcing the significant progress achieved over the past 24 months and sharing the bright future ahead.

Creating Demand to Create Market

GeaCom’s CITE design has an inherent ability to create demand.  Demand from the patient who needs and demands more fair, affordable, equitable care.  Demand from the nurses and providers who demand more top of licensure work experience with less data entry and low quality use of their time.  Demand from the operations and financial staff who require more streamlined services and fewer point solutions (as well as new sources of revenue).  Demand from regulators who will enforce ADA and Civil Rights laws now that this is possible.

Now that Phrazer is in its fourth iteration it has also taken GeaCom to a unique category of Company: one that can volume produce world leading hardware to medical grade and specification.  Our hard earned competency brings a unique and valuable dimension to the business.  The hardware has innovative function that enables CITE and MRM and also is enabling us to innovate faster, more affordably and with more control than any future potential competitor.

In short, GeaCom has a vital product that is just starting to tap into a deep demand potential, that requires a special type of hardware to function and that is wholly owned and patented by GeaCom.