What Really Matters

The priority, purpose and mission of healthcare is the safe, effective, equitable care of the entire patient population.  Everything is secondary to the core mission.  Now, Phrazer/Kitsune offers a new opportunity to reset the performance standards achieve mission goals long thought impossible. 

Phrazer/Kitsune is the only purpose designed and built medical solution for equitable patient engagement in the world.  As such it is the only safe, medical and reliable solution available.  Medical safety:

  • proven equal engagement for all ages, languages, genders, literacy
  • completely secure, un-compromised OS
  • complete ready to connect EMR functionality (Epic, MediTech etc)
  • no patient training required and easy for staff to employ
  • fully antimicrobial (keeping staff and patients safe
  • intrinsically safe (will not ignite gases)
  • extremely affordable with low cost of ownership
  • documented, proven, reviewed results

GeaCom is a U.S. / Canadian company the designs, manufactures and delivers from fair labor, fair trade, North American sources.  The products and results are fully vetted, highly awarded and rapidly deployed for high value results that operationalize previously impossible challenges.  Visit the full website or contact GeaCom to learn more.  www.myphrazer.com