Becoming the Expert: Communication and Information Theory Empowered

Why does a keyboard make sense to use?  Why a mouse?  How about the non-intuitive “windows” on a computer or phone that you must navigate?  Do you wish the keyboards didn’t lead to so many errors (typos) and take so long to produce communication with?  Does the mouse lack what your hands can simply do?  Often, do you find yourself confused as to where and in what interface some vital feature is located?  How about the pure misunderstanding that is email, text and social networking?  Unnatural and ineffective but accepted…

The fact is, things are not designed using CITE, therefor they have a steep learning curve.  Often design should never have been a certain way but due to factors such as economy, conflict, limitations of technology and people’s inability to think ‘outside of the box’, they became status quo and the world has suffered for it.  Designers typically do the best they can with a combination of what is common practice and generally available technology.  Today however, there is new knowledge resulting from rapidly advancing technology expanding the available data to evolutionary biology and psychology researchers.  FMRI studies, expanded international collaborations, data analytics and other technologies have opened a new horizon of understanding in the fields of Communication Theory and Information Theory that can now be leveraged to create an stockily effective advancement in technology aided human interaction that results in never before possible beneficial outcomes.  This new capability is called Communication, Information Theory Empowered (CITE) technologies and GeaCom has pioneered the first successful market implementations.  

Communication Theory is the science of human interaction that includes understandings of universal meaning and trust.  It is considerate of the evolutionary biological factors and modern interaction requirements refined to a natural science.
Information Theory is the science of true “information” and is concerned with eliminating “junk” data.  Where humans are concerned the ability to effectively replicate information and meaning from one person to another for effective results is the challenge.  This science emerged as recently as the 1950s with Claude Shannon, the founder of binary.

GeaCom’s founder (a student of CITE) identified the world’s most tragic failure state of communal and ethical services where CITE may resolve the ongoing failure.  The foundation of GeaCom is the development of CITE solutions for use in addressing some of the most vital and meaningful challenges in our world today.  The resulting products and solutions have been refined and successfully implemented in medical, security and education markets to great effect.  So stunning and effective is CITE Systems that the market has difficultly measuring and understanding the achievements such as 99.9% accuracy performance, complete equity and Civil Rights coverages, improved efficiencies and experience and so much more.

For GeaCom, becoming the expert started with taking the challenge of inventing commercial CITE solutions.  Next was testing, refinement and learning how to measure results.  Finally this has led to the largest, ongoing commercial research and growth of of CITE understanding ever launched.  Launched despite barriers, cost and time because it is right and it must lead the way to a better future.  Now with millions of qualified CITE interactions performed and ongoing in market we are at the mere beginning of a new level of effective interaction; and GeaCom is leading this as the world experts.

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