Privacy and Compliance

GeaCom is currently, and always has been compliant with all reporting requirements.  Having recently experienced additional scrutiny in defending a meritless lawsuit, the resulting “Statement of Facts” independently confirms GeaCom’s compliant performance and is now part of Federal court records.  Shareholders ‘in the know’ are pleased that GeaCom operates in compliance with all reporting requirements and, in fact, has gone to additional lengths to satisfy shareholder interests.

One of the benefits of being a private company is that publishing information to the public is not required. Keeping information private affords small companies the latitude to operate “under the radar” of larger competitors who would use information to their advantage. GeaCom’s stakeholders generally appreciate the importance of keeping private, the financials, employee files, shareholder lists and more. When inappropriately pressed for this information the Company has remained inflexible in defending its privacy. Even large private Companies don’t report publicly (i.e. Cargill) because of the inherent disadvantages. Here is a link that goes a bit further into the facts:

GeaCom values its shareholders and works extremely hard in their interest.  GeaCom values and requires its privacy and that of its shareholders, as do all private companies. The Company reserves the right to protect its privacy and to disclose materials in the manner that best serves the interest of the Company and shareholders.

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