Ethical Innovator

Every minute, of every day patients and staff are needlessly suffering due to antiquated methods and status quo models that apply exclusivity. When new solutions come online, these typically perform for the dominant culture, race, language, literacy and socioeconomic backgrounds while ignoring other population’s needs.

If a patient is not male, English as a second language (ESL), low literacy, non-caucasian, has lower socioeconomic status, is a senior, is not of the regional culture and faith, or a myriad of other deviations from the dominant population then:

▪ Wait times are significantly longer
▪ Error levels are significantly higher
▪ Cost to the system is significantly greater
▪ Experience of prejudice is real, reliable and untenable
▪ Challenges to staff are compounded
▪ Satisfaction is lower
▪ Efficacy is measurably reduced

This is not okay, this is not ethical and this should not be accepted any longer. The exclusive application and methods are literally killing people.

GeaCom is an ethical innovator that collaborates with medical and K-12 systems to bring about meaningful innovation that applies equally, uses modernized methods, is scientifically validated, proven, scalable and of lower cost. Every solution on CITE platforms is for the entire population, equally. When GeaCom says it is the only Civil Rights solution in the market this is not only an ethical statement but also a rational approach that has wide reaching benefits. Ethical innovation is the only that aligns with the hippocratic oath and social mission of healthcare.

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