Becoming the Expert: EMR and IT Integration

A little over 10 years ago, when GeaCom entered the market the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) was running strong and federally sponsored EMR programs were implementing at a rapid pace.  GeaCom’s founding team has extensive database, WebService and JSON skills so quickly developed a full , secure EMR dataset within the Phrazer framework.  The full dataset enabled an on-device, portable EMR that included the entirety of CCHIT data sets.  Phrazer can function as an EMR but in typical application the system securely exchanges data with the EMR using HL7v2 or API.  The first digital EMRs appeared over 50 years ago but the modern age ushered in about a decade ago as GeaCom was developing as a leader of secure data exchange.

The EMR companies have not exactly made it easy to exchange data nor have they done well with standardization.  GeaCom has tracked with this process and remains expert on direct connections but now due to the extensive time demand and changes, the proposed method of CITE System integration is via a specialty integrator.  The specialty integrators are focused experts with Epic, Cerner, MediTech, e-Clinical Works and dozens of other popular EMRs and they include developer specialists from many of those EMR companies in their staff.  These integrators enable the use of utilities with the EMR, not just CITE Systems but anything you want to exchange data with.  The process takes less than a day’s time and has Phrazer/Kitsune up and providing benefits quickly and reliably.

As for IT integration, the CITE System is unsurpassed for security, stability and safety.  The Shannon OS is the only un-hacked solution on the market, to run the only purpose build hardware in the market.  The vast majority of security failures on EMR interchanges are due to exposed OS, 3rd party developers or improperly designed hardware and data exchanges (all issues that don’t exist with CITE Systems).

Today, when a medical system graduates to CITE Method (and chooses to value patient Civil Rights) it can be reliably integrated in a matter of hours.  If a medical enterprise is looking for non-disruptive integration, CITE Systems perform out-of-the-box with Cerner, Meditech, e-ClinicalWorks, AllScripts and dozens of others, to achieve vital and quick wins for equity, efficiency and efficacy. 

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