Becoming the Expert: Technological Integration of Digital Medical Solutions

When the company that produces the hardware also provides the integration, there is the highest level of expertise, professionalism and accountability inherent in the process. 

Purpose built technologies are designed, from inception, to be integrated into the specialized market and use cases. There are no superfluous features, missing capabilities or need for highly modified ways of forcing the wrong solution into an application. A purpose built hardware coupled with a purpose built Operating System combines to be a highly specialized and market capable platform that exceeds all set standards and requirements out-of-the-box. Combine same-source User Interfaces and technology integration features with the purpose built platform and you have a one-of-a-kind level of implementation excellence for effective, efficient results and conclusive results that perform exactly as desired.

GeaCom is “all in” on CITE systems and their proper implementation; we are more invested and more competent than any market supplier.  GeaCom can’t, won’t and doesn’t blame hardware or a 3rd party suppliers for issues related to integration (there no issues and no 3rd parties).  Knowing exactly how technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, memory, drivers and features were designed to work with the Phrazer/Kitsune, ensures the deepest knowledge for successful, adaptive and efficient implementation.  This knowledge leads to faster, more reliable and less expensive integrations.  Should special function or features be required; GeaCom, as the hardware and OS provider, has the expertise and immediate access to make these a reality.  Full accountability is achieved as a single source, hardware/OS/User Interface qualified supplier.

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