Becoming the Expert: Patient Engagement Across All Demographies

No other entity has ever succeeded in achieving equal, reliable and accurate results from the general patient population.  Without variant due to age, language, literacy, gender and other key factors, GeaCom’s CITE Solutions have achieved a first ever result of equal engagement for all.  This achievement isn’t a breakthrough for the ethical benefit of equity but it also shines a light on never before possible efficiency and performance capabilities. 

From its inception GeaCom took on what was previously considered impossible. The Company was committed to solve this tremendous challenge and highly intelligent and qualified personnel were added and put to the task.  Research and involvement of and with the most cutting edge studies into human communication were initiated.  Outreach to special interest groups with diversity in age, culture, literacy, etc. was established and remains ongoing.  Understandings of what a population group has in common and what makes it unique in direct correlation to what makes commonalities and differences relevant in medical engagements were gathered.

Informed by its established understandings of human factors and CITE a new technology with purpose design was produced in the form of a highly specialized engagement solution, Phrazer/Kitsune.   The first models were then put into service with staff, then suppliers, then family, then community members, then culture groups, then medical experts and ultimately patients by the thousands as an ongoing study.   Several models of the new to the world hardware were created, refined, improved and advanced based on gained insights.  This was a decade long process, performed in a variety of environments, states and countries, where many dead-ends were identified, new pathways were illuminated and new knowledge was gained.

With the functional hardware, new knowledge and the ability to engage in market GeaCom began effectively running the largest medical demography research in the world.  This research and its findings remains ongoing with millions of qualified interactions across thousands of democracies yielding ever expanding insights into normalizing the patient variable and performing higher quality, equitable medical engagements.

GeaCom’s commitment to its mission is ongoing.  Gathered insights required ever adaptive performance with CITE Systems so GeaCom has produced new the the world adaptive CITE engagement solutions that can react to and adjust with learnings in near realtime. The ability to identify and rapidly respond to new findings is a cornerstone of innovative development.  When a new language, new medical need or new insight is identified, GeaCom’s systems can generate quality checked adaptation and then securely implement these in a targeted fashion over secure technology connections that become new patient engagements immediately.  

Once employed, the results of the adaptive changes are measured in real time.  From this process GeaCom has found a path to quickly attain the world’s greatest accuracy and efficiency of cross demographic, human information exchange in the medical market place (99.9%).  CITE methodologies have boosted the programs with an unmatched level of unaided patient completion, patient satisfaction, patient preference and care compliance.  

Here we come to the stunning fact that the breakthrough performance works in any language, literacy, gender, races and culture.

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