What Really Matters

Intrinsic to the priority, purpose and mission of healthcare is the safe, effective, equitable care of the entire patient population.  Everything is secondary to that core mission.  There are new opportunities to reset the performance standards against mission and there is only one solution focused on equitable, safe, affordable care: Phrazer/Kitsune.

 Phrazer/Kitsune is the only purpose designed and built medical solution for equitable patient engagement in the world.  As such it is the only safe, FDA grade, reliable solution available.  GeaCom is the sole US company developing and providing a solution of this nature and sophistication.  GeaCom is the lone designer/developer/provider (medical or consumer) to produce, deliver and support entirely from North America.  Furthermore GeaCom is the only manufacturer to exclusively employ fair labor and safe production sourcing while paying US and Canadian tax.  Every other digital product maker in the world uses major tax dodges (Apple is a Irish Company not paying North American tax, GE has avoided tax entirely and all employ tax shelters).  Why focus on tax and fair labor?  This is because tax pays for healthcare and fair labor that is core to the mission of healthcare’s healthy communities.  Ethically, financially and appropriately, healthcare decision makers should consider the source, purpose and reliability of the supply.

The core missions of our customers and the values of our communities really matter.  GeaCom develops solutions that, for the first time, don’t compromise on engaging those values in healthcare and K-12 environments.

GeaCom brings innovation to the market

The current distribution channels for the medical device market have lost the ability to create demand.  They are now only filling orders for refill (general supply, scanners, record keeping solutions, etc).  Other than Phrazer/Kitsune systems, there have been no total breakthrough solutions in the general medical space in decades.  The medical device channel is becoming condensed.  For GeaCom the only way we’ve been able to introduce the CITE breakthrough to the market is through direct sales with the market innovation leaders.  Working directly with the customers, in the environment of their own challenges and goals and collaboratively finding inroads for the CITE methodology has been the only way to produce market, product and sales competency to inform broader market adoption and appreciation.

Our design makes implementation of CITE tools fast and affordable.  The CITE Engagement capability for our systems adds no additional cost and very little effort to bring to play the deep benefits in real world use cases.  The CITE Engagements not only normalize patient populations and harmonize patient/staff/system performance but they also add revenue that is vital for innovation growth.  So with stable, fast to implement, adaptive, proven and easy to use systems we are helping our customers innovate at hyper speed.  Also, every CITE pioneering enterprise is literally innovating with every step they take into the proven CITE solutions.

Why not become a software company?

There are many requests from the market to see CITE on consumer devices.  But.. our programs are so novel and groundbreaking that there isn’t a hardware capable of running CITE and MRM (which are the core features that drive the extreme benefit).  Also, we don’t believe there are any qualified products capable of and safe for medical utilization, in scale, and over time.

GeaCom is a hardware and software company.  GeaCom will sell 100% of the CITE hardware in the world.  This is a billion dollar plus hardware business that GeaCom doesn’t need to share with unqualified and unsafe providers because we own the vital IP.  As we grow the global customers evolving services CITE, they will then choose CITE hardware. 

Even if there were another advanced FDA hardware solution available, introducing pure software solutions would spawn direct competitors without barriers to entry and this would force a low price point and a competitive space that would never enable development of a direct sales force, proper market material and innovation.  A breakthrough product needs a price point that supports the development of market transition and this takes time, new language, new budgets, new use cases and ongoing innovation.  The average revenue benefit from software as a service would average less than 10x lower financial yield per unit which wouldn’t enable the creation of CITE solutions.

GeaCom: Owning Implementation

One of the many challenges of breaking new trail in a market is that there is no expert, experienced pool of salespeople and account managers to draw from.  An alternative is to try to connect with and use an existing channel to ‘shoe horn’ the new technology into.  This, however, leaves GeaCom abstracted from its customers, implementation and vital market learnings.

Owning the implementation is an opportunity for GeaCom to learn, guide and get better.  This distances us from potential future competitors.  The experience of doing the implementation gives a multi-dimensional benefit of market knowledge and first hand experience that becomes trade secrets.  Currently GeaCom is performing all enterprise sales and implementations directly.   As we refine and learn in this experience we will open opportunity for channel partners to join; initially starting with the simpler SBIRT+ and PEPS market areas.

Time.  Talent.  Resources.  These are things that the software as a service and common tools market doesn’t have.  With IP, the ability to create demand, hardware/software/content ownership and extensive trade secrets, ours isn’t a blitzkrieg market but rather a long term value growth, foundational market with an unlimited cap.  The foundations GeaCom is developing today will be in operation decades into the future and this is why our approach is different and correct.

CITE Solutions: No Competitor

GeaCom thinks the soonest we’ll have a competitor is more than 5 years away.  This is due to existing patents on critical components of the solution, the sophistication of medical hardware development, new private market knowledge, rapidly expanding trade secrets and development of a quality supply brand.  GeaCom has that amount of time to grow itself to a $5Bn company to compete with the incumbent gorillas of the market at scale. 

GeaCom will innovate fast with its proprietary and novel market experience.  With extremely advanced hardware the company will be able to focus innovation on the special CITE Engagements that transform the market at a lower cost.  Our partners in the growth and trade secrets will be the very customers who are pioneering the solutions with GeaCom.  The only chance we see for an established market player is to either partner with, license from or to purchase GeaCom.

Phrazer/Kitsune New Reality Creation

GeaCom saw a potential for Communication & Information Theory Empowered (CITE) solutions in up coming technology.  The company began to design solutions around the potential of Multi-path Realtime Messaging  (MRM) with its incredible potential to healthcare.  Designing systems in advance of technology is a difficult thing but it is what makes Phrazer/Kitsune and CITE systems so ahead of their time.  As this window started to open to make the vision a reality (and it is cracked upon now) we pounced by developing a breakthrough.

With some course correction and many challenges GeaCom’s CITE products are now performing first ever MRM services.  Phrazer Spirit is the 4th generation and now fully offers the vision of Communication & Information Theory Empowered technology.  Kitsune II is second generation and now has the patented features and design potential such as the Multi-path Realtime Messaging functionality as well as mass production capability.  The Shannon OS is version 6 and with it, GeaCom has full security, remote update function, stability and functionality envisioned in GeaCom’s early days.  The new sophisticated CITE Engagements now cover a vast application area from emergency care to inpatient, from medical to K-12 and far beyond.  The market references from blue chip customers, the peer reviewed results and deep studies now powerfully and thoroughly establish GeaCom’s solutions as the global breakthrough promise they really are.

Now, any medical system can provide equal engagement for all their patients.  For the first time medical infrastructure is able to transform to 100% active care areas.  Never before integration of process and policy, in realtime with patient needs, is available.  A new, safe, secure, stable, dynamic, affordable and innovation supporting solution has entered the global healthcare market (and K-12 space) fully developed, fully proven, fully vetted and is truly world changing.

Investors Dilemma

Long standing, difficult challenges in the market typically aren’t solved by incremental innovation but rather require radical invention: new ways of doing things. 

 Innovation, the process of incrementally improving existing methods is somewhat common.  Innovation yields understandable, easily implementable, quick and small improvements to existing systems.  Innovations are typically iterations in an ongoing evolution of things.  Innovations offer low cost, fast marketing and some moderate revenue generation.  The market is familiar with, comfortable with and readily accepting of incremental innovation.  The investor too, is more comfortable with innovations costs and return process.

Invention is rare, requires time, needs enduring commitment, lives on newly developed talent and is resource intensive.  True invention means new language, new tools, new products, new end uses, new budget and new habits to access the new benefits.  The benefits of invention are typically slow developing but yield but long term growth with extremely high return.  Real inventions are extremely rare and not many of them survive the first attempt.  Not many investors have experience with real inventions, their roadmap and benefits but any investor would love to be a part of one.

The dilemma is investors want the low cost, fast roadmap and quick turn time of an innovation with the long term, high yield and true social benefit of a bona fide invention.

This is a dilemma because the nature of doing something unique, special and of global value, by its very definition, is to do something where there are no established referential customers, budgets, processes, salespeople, manuals, market material and more.  It takes generally 5 years to make a new technology and then another 5 years to begin to exploit the market.  DOS took over 10 years and made its success in years from 10 to 20.  Mac took the same path, made its monetary successes in years 10 to 15.   The reason that this takes this long is because it is special and hard to do.  Once the window is open and the foundation is available, then the company can peak.  This same model of 10 + 5 + 5 (give or take) seems to be the norm for high potential inventions (there are exceptions).  These are also the world’s largest value products that address the longest standing challenges and ultimately lead to the greatest return for investors. 

The investor looking specifically for a large and fast return tends to try to drive the company to short term return opportunities that are not likely able to yield the full financial and human benefit of the invention potential.  Investment is impatient and this is both bad, and in some ways good, as it drives the company to meet demand.  Some investors can and some can’t afford to be patient as well.  

The greater and more sophisticated the invention the greater the need for time, talent, effort and funding and ultimately the greater the need for a sophisticated investor pool.  Unfortunately, the greater the investor pool the more diverse their interests and more demanding the management and communication.  So the bigger ideas lead to the greater opportunity that requires the larger investor pool that leads the the greater investor demand, misunderstanding and distraction.  This is where inventor/investor leadership much emerge.

Phrazer/Kitsune Out-of-the-box

More than 5 years of CITE engagement development in collaboration with the world leading medical systems is available on all Phrazer/Kitsune systems.  

Hardware (the world’s only medical engagement products)
Phrazer is antimicrobial, rugged, FDA grade, pre-configured for medical interoperability, designed for 10 full service years and has benchmark performance that beats leading consumer systems.
Kitsune is comfortable, antimicrobial, dynamic, rugged, FDA grade and with its own processor, communication systems and innovative expansions.

Operating System
A system, purpose designed with CITE, for the medical market space.  No superfluous interfaces and layers to navigate.  The system that is faster to integrate, easier to use, safer and more secure than any other in the world.  Built-in secure drivers and interoperability enables adaptive and rapid integration.

The entire surface is antimicrobial, has no surfaces to pool liquids, is shatter proof, has no pinch zones and is fully ruggedized without disposable parts.

The completely sealed systems has no access points, no open ports and is empowered by the only fully medical grade secure operating system.  There are no 3rd party integration points, no 3rd party licenses needed and this is the only available medical system software that has never been hacked or compromised.  The drives have custom, strong encryption and each device has independent onboard active location tracking.

Ease & Stability
The single point, single purpose design streamlines interfaces for medical and ease of use.  No multiple point navigation, deep nested interfaces or reading is required and due to the streamlined nature, the stability is second to none.

Rapid Implementation
From on-boxing to the first patient competently takes less than an hour.  Staff interfaces are self guided and logical.  Patient use requires no introduction or training to navigate intuitive engagements.  The system personalizes to the user (language, literacy, culture, etc).

When in use, Phrazer/Kitsune incentivizes innovation and configuration specific to the enterprise.  Healthcare innovation doesn’t have to be an oxymoron with these systems.  Low cost, fast turn and rapid results are the cornerstone of CITE systems.

Why what are we doing at GeaCom matters.

A Sacred Achievement: We have invented, built, tested, proven and deployed the first and only solution for equitable care.  GeaCom’s solutions deliver healthcare facilities from 40% productive patient engagement potential to near 98% and from lower than 70% accuracy of information to over 99%.  These solutions empower health enterprises to meet Constitutional Civil Rights and American’s with Disabilities Act requirements for the first time.  We address the most difficult areas and cost concerns in healthcare by connecting effectively with the most challenging patients and staff.

The Vital Application: Our solutions keep staff safe, working at top of licensure and enable more effective time directly with the patient.

The Special Benefit: The method, platform and systems empower new operational productivity for enterprises as they face a historic population challenge.  GeaCom’s solutions are transforming non-productive zones into active care zones.   A facility with 20% productive care areas will transform to 80% or greater productive care areas with CITE solutions.

In a time when the buzz is data, GeaCom creates the world’s best human interaction systems.  Phrazer/Kitsune is the platform to directly access behavior, apply initiatives that connect easily with the entire population and guide staff performance and adherence.  

Midwest Innovation: end, beginning or never an era?

They say the midwest is a 1:1 investment environment, meaning that the culture struggles with risk and has an intolerance to failure required for growth.  Conversely the famous Silicone Valley area is considered a 10:1 environment that expects 10 failures for every success.  In the Bay Area pioneers are welcomed; the more grand the vision the better and there is patience for entrepreneurs to cut their teeth while facing challenging stages.  And why not?  Apple almost failed on more than 3 occasions after its 10th anniversary, Tesla spend a decade losing more than $100M without revenue (and still is struggling), Amazon was initially considered an abysmal failure outside of Silicone Valley but during it all, the founders were supported and funded while they fought their way through the unique challenges of changing the world.  These founders made grand claims as they closed the gap between the previously impossible and their vision.  They delivered half baked products, suffered major setbacks and repeatedly had to reclaim their ground from detractors by delivering unexpected accomplishments.  For what its worth, every one of these founders was party to multiple lawsuits, board revolts and image challenges.  But every iconic tech company had a grand vision worth fighting for.

GeaCom has had its challenges, has fought its uphill battles and has also been unfairly smeared by the misinformed and myopic.  The visionary pioneering journey in the midwest has been an ugly, isolated and protracted experience in many ways.  Conversely, our supporters are among the best with a deep appreciation and understanding of the vision and value.  Today, GeaCom is the only North American owned designer, manufacturer and marketer of a complete, FDA grade digital engagement solution.  Our platform objectively rivals and in many ways outperforms those of Apple, Samsung, Philips and GE.  Claims that product previously struggled to bridge with vision have now been resolved.  The most stable, secure and safe medical engagement solution in the world is Phrazer/Kitsune.  The only fully complete and un-compromised medical OS in the world is OS Shannon by GeaCom.  And the grand vision of engaging all patients equally despite language, literacy, gender and culture is been fully proven in blue chip medical systems (we have the peer reviewed results that prove this).   GeaCom is now at a new stage.  What will people choose to focus on?  Conjecture and smear or fact and success. GeaCom trusts that the latter will win out and a new era for midwest innovation is alive and growing.