GeaCom’s Successful Defense of Frivolous Lawsuits

It is a great day for GeaCom, having success in defending against two meritless lawsuits.  The Company is now free of this distraction as well as the people who brought the suits.  For GeaCom and its shareholders this has the benefit of addition by subtraction.

Motivation for slanderous claims, false reports, attempted character assassination and legal assault against a leader in Civil Rights and Innovation, such as GeaCom, is difficult to understand.  In this case GeaCom and its Officers faced both a simple contract dispute and a more bizarre second suit that purported a cornucopia of nonsense ranging from misuse of funds to ponzi scheme.  Unfortunately, the highly funded and motivated plaintiff achieved a news spot in a local outlet that was quickly followed by a misinformation campaign and stumping for a shareholder uprising; the undermining effort was sustained for nearly two and a half years.  GeaCom in return simply, quietly and confidently defended and let the legal system perform its service.  From the beginning the legal process steadily stripped away the false and unsupported claims with dismissals and continued to do so until the successful conclusion.

There are cautionary tales of charlatans in entrepreneurship that have nefarious motivations.  The ’snake oil salespeople’ can be hard to discern from the ‘real deals’ of the world.  Both make grand claims and buck the status quo but only one can prove its assertions.  In GeaCom’s case, we’re committed to reinventing and improving a status quo that is foundational in society.  GeaCom makes grand claims such as the ability to equally engage nearly any person, in any language, more effectively than any known alternative (a civil rights breakthrough).  GeaCom claims to have developed, ‘from scratch’, medical grade hardware, in North America, that meets FDA standards, competes with, and even outperforms, iconic consumer brands.  GeaCom also asserts to be making inroads with the world’s most trusted medical brands; all from a small city in Northern Minnesota.  The Company has and continues to prove its claims every day – that’s the way you can tell which GeaCom is.

The Company is pleased to have learned to be even better in our communication, documentation and professionalism.  GeaCom is appreciative of its board, staff, shareholders and customers who always knew the true nature of this committed Company.  Starting today we will be announcing the significant progress achieved over the past 24 months and sharing the bright future ahead.

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