CITE Solutions: No Competitor

GeaCom thinks the soonest we’ll have a competitor is more than 5 years away.  This is due to existing patents on critical components of the solution, the sophistication of medical hardware development, new private market knowledge, rapidly expanding trade secrets and development of a quality supply brand.  GeaCom has that amount of time to grow itself to a $5Bn company to compete with the incumbent gorillas of the market at scale. 

GeaCom will innovate fast with its proprietary and novel market experience.  With extremely advanced hardware the company will be able to focus innovation on the special CITE Engagements that transform the market at a lower cost.  Our partners in the growth and trade secrets will be the very customers who are pioneering the solutions with GeaCom.  The only chance we see for an established market player is to either partner with, license from or to purchase GeaCom.

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