Why what are we doing at GeaCom matters.

A Sacred Achievement: We have invented, built, tested, proven and deployed the first and only solution for equitable care.  GeaCom’s solutions deliver healthcare facilities from 40% productive patient engagement potential to near 98% and from lower than 70% accuracy of information to over 99%.  These solutions empower health enterprises to meet Constitutional Civil Rights and American’s with Disabilities Act requirements for the first time.  We address the most difficult areas and cost concerns in healthcare by connecting effectively with the most challenging patients and staff.

The Vital Application: Our solutions keep staff safe, working at top of licensure and enable more effective time directly with the patient.

The Special Benefit: The method, platform and systems empower new operational productivity for enterprises as they face a historic population challenge.  GeaCom’s solutions are transforming non-productive zones into active care zones.   A facility with 20% productive care areas will transform to 80% or greater productive care areas with CITE solutions.

In a time when the buzz is data, GeaCom creates the world’s best human interaction systems.  Phrazer/Kitsune is the platform to directly access behavior, apply initiatives that connect easily with the entire population and guide staff performance and adherence.  

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