Phrazer/Kitsune New Reality Creation

GeaCom saw a potential for Communication & Information Theory Empowered (CITE) solutions in up coming technology.  The company began to design solutions around the potential of Multi-path Realtime Messaging  (MRM) with its incredible potential to healthcare.  Designing systems in advance of technology is a difficult thing but it is what makes Phrazer/Kitsune and CITE systems so ahead of their time.  As this window started to open to make the vision a reality (and it is cracked upon now) we pounced by developing a breakthrough.

With some course correction and many challenges GeaCom’s CITE products are now performing first ever MRM services.  Phrazer Spirit is the 4th generation and now fully offers the vision of Communication & Information Theory Empowered technology.  Kitsune II is second generation and now has the patented features and design potential such as the Multi-path Realtime Messaging functionality as well as mass production capability.  The Shannon OS is version 6 and with it, GeaCom has full security, remote update function, stability and functionality envisioned in GeaCom’s early days.  The new sophisticated CITE Engagements now cover a vast application area from emergency care to inpatient, from medical to K-12 and far beyond.  The market references from blue chip customers, the peer reviewed results and deep studies now powerfully and thoroughly establish GeaCom’s solutions as the global breakthrough promise they really are.

Now, any medical system can provide equal engagement for all their patients.  For the first time medical infrastructure is able to transform to 100% active care areas.  Never before integration of process and policy, in realtime with patient needs, is available.  A new, safe, secure, stable, dynamic, affordable and innovation supporting solution has entered the global healthcare market (and K-12 space) fully developed, fully proven, fully vetted and is truly world changing.

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