GeaCom: Owning Implementation

One of the many challenges of breaking new trail in a market is that there is no expert, experienced pool of salespeople and account managers to draw from.  An alternative is to try to connect with and use an existing channel to ‘shoe horn’ the new technology into.  This, however, leaves GeaCom abstracted from its customers, implementation and vital market learnings.

Owning the implementation is an opportunity for GeaCom to learn, guide and get better.  This distances us from potential future competitors.  The experience of doing the implementation gives a multi-dimensional benefit of market knowledge and first hand experience that becomes trade secrets.  Currently GeaCom is performing all enterprise sales and implementations directly.   As we refine and learn in this experience we will open opportunity for channel partners to join; initially starting with the simpler SBIRT+ and PEPS market areas.

Time.  Talent.  Resources.  These are things that the software as a service and common tools market doesn’t have.  With IP, the ability to create demand, hardware/software/content ownership and extensive trade secrets, ours isn’t a blitzkrieg market but rather a long term value growth, foundational market with an unlimited cap.  The foundations GeaCom is developing today will be in operation decades into the future and this is why our approach is different and correct.

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