What Really Matters

Intrinsic to the priority, purpose and mission of healthcare is the safe, effective, equitable care of the entire patient population.  Everything is secondary to that core mission.  There are new opportunities to reset the performance standards against mission and there is only one solution focused on equitable, safe, affordable care: Phrazer/Kitsune.

 Phrazer/Kitsune is the only purpose designed and built medical solution for equitable patient engagement in the world.  As such it is the only safe, FDA grade, reliable solution available.  GeaCom is the sole US company developing and providing a solution of this nature and sophistication.  GeaCom is the lone designer/developer/provider (medical or consumer) to produce, deliver and support entirely from North America.  Furthermore GeaCom is the only manufacturer to exclusively employ fair labor and safe production sourcing while paying US and Canadian tax.  Every other digital product maker in the world uses major tax dodges (Apple is a Irish Company not paying North American tax, GE has avoided tax entirely and all employ tax shelters).  Why focus on tax and fair labor?  This is because tax pays for healthcare and fair labor that is core to the mission of healthcare’s healthy communities.  Ethically, financially and appropriately, healthcare decision makers should consider the source, purpose and reliability of the supply.

The core missions of our customers and the values of our communities really matter.  GeaCom develops solutions that, for the first time, don’t compromise on engaging those values in healthcare and K-12 environments.

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