GeaCom brings innovation to the market

The current distribution channels for the medical device market have lost the ability to create demand.  They are now only filling orders for refill (general supply, scanners, record keeping solutions, etc).  Other than Phrazer/Kitsune systems, there have been no total breakthrough solutions in the general medical space in decades.  The medical device channel is becoming condensed.  For GeaCom the only way we’ve been able to introduce the CITE breakthrough to the market is through direct sales with the market innovation leaders.  Working directly with the customers, in the environment of their own challenges and goals and collaboratively finding inroads for the CITE methodology has been the only way to produce market, product and sales competency to inform broader market adoption and appreciation.

Our design makes implementation of CITE tools fast and affordable.  The CITE Engagement capability for our systems adds no additional cost and very little effort to bring to play the deep benefits in real world use cases.  The CITE Engagements not only normalize patient populations and harmonize patient/staff/system performance but they also add revenue that is vital for innovation growth.  So with stable, fast to implement, adaptive, proven and easy to use systems we are helping our customers innovate at hyper speed.  Also, every CITE pioneering enterprise is literally innovating with every step they take into the proven CITE solutions.

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