Phrazer/Kitsune Out-of-the-box

More than 5 years of CITE engagement development in collaboration with the world leading medical systems is available on all Phrazer/Kitsune systems.  

Hardware (the world’s only medical engagement products)
Phrazer is antimicrobial, rugged, FDA grade, pre-configured for medical interoperability, designed for 10 full service years and has benchmark performance that beats leading consumer systems.
Kitsune is comfortable, antimicrobial, dynamic, rugged, FDA grade and with its own processor, communication systems and innovative expansions.

Operating System
A system, purpose designed with CITE, for the medical market space.  No superfluous interfaces and layers to navigate.  The system that is faster to integrate, easier to use, safer and more secure than any other in the world.  Built-in secure drivers and interoperability enables adaptive and rapid integration.

The entire surface is antimicrobial, has no surfaces to pool liquids, is shatter proof, has no pinch zones and is fully ruggedized without disposable parts.

The completely sealed systems has no access points, no open ports and is empowered by the only fully medical grade secure operating system.  There are no 3rd party integration points, no 3rd party licenses needed and this is the only available medical system software that has never been hacked or compromised.  The drives have custom, strong encryption and each device has independent onboard active location tracking.

Ease & Stability
The single point, single purpose design streamlines interfaces for medical and ease of use.  No multiple point navigation, deep nested interfaces or reading is required and due to the streamlined nature, the stability is second to none.

Rapid Implementation
From on-boxing to the first patient competently takes less than an hour.  Staff interfaces are self guided and logical.  Patient use requires no introduction or training to navigate intuitive engagements.  The system personalizes to the user (language, literacy, culture, etc).

When in use, Phrazer/Kitsune incentivizes innovation and configuration specific to the enterprise.  Healthcare innovation doesn’t have to be an oxymoron with these systems.  Low cost, fast turn and rapid results are the cornerstone of CITE systems.

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