AI is academic without CITE

The promise of AI is access to deeper, more sophisticated information, unencumbered by human flaws, to empower staff to make improved diagnostics and care decisions.  The most effective use of machine enhancement today is in image reading (machines don’t have ‘form blindness’ or detail limitations).  Generally removing human limitations and prejudice seems sensible… but, perfect knowledge is of no value without perfect application.  How does AI matter if it has no functional ability in practical application to ensure addressing:

  • Bias (confirmation, racial, agism, social, etc)
  • Patient Performance
  • Trust
  • Comprehension
  • Capability to Adhere to Care Plan (Compliance)

To be inhuman comes with new insights at the cost of natural human factor benefits.  So your AI helps you know, based on data (demographics, symptoms, outcomes, etc.) what the “best” direction to take is… so, now what?  Someone, somehow ultimately must apply the AI knowledge as an authoritative flawed human to flawed patients.  How do we make the ‘last mile’ work? The answer is CITE; the most important factor of AI application.

GeaCom owns the patents and experience related to effective human decision making, likelihood of successful treatment adherence, informed by patient culture, and CITE realities.  To learn more, contact the world experts at GeaCom.

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