Made the world’s BEST! Pop the cork? Wait…

Now more to do…

Creating the world’s best of anything valuable is an extremely rare accomplishment.  Celebrate, but know the journey to commercial success is is still ahead and non-trivial.

Before diving into this, first, let’s tick off the objective, proven facts so that there is clarity on the proven claim of being the best, most ethical, most economical and safest medical engagement platform and solution:

  • CITE is hard science and proven the most effective method of complex human interaction
    • Communication, Information Theory Empowered technologies have the full weight of strong scientific validation, proven efficacy and unparalleled results.
  • Phrazer/Kitsune is proven the best medically qualified patient/staff engagement hardware
    • In bench tests it is faster than the iPad, it is antimicrobial, rugged, totally single source data secure, is more cost effective and in application more stable, accepted and effective.
  • CITE Systems on Phrazer/Kitsune are the only capable of global language coverage
    • Proven in over 20,000,000 validated market engagements the solution has the greatest demographic coverage, highest accuracy and most adaptive engagements. It objectively engages any demography better than alternatives.
  • GeaCom’s is the only solution capable of meeting Civil Rights requirements
    • The Constitution is clear (as is the American’s with Disabilities Act), on the U.S.’s commitment to equity.  CITE Systems are the only to have been validated to achieve the regulatory requirements.
  • Application of CITE System is the most economical
    • There is no training required for patients, minimal for staff and the platform is the most interoperable.  Implementation, benefits from novel self generating networks (takes mere days to successfully bring up), it meets regulation and generates new revenue while offing never before possible benefits.

There is more to be shared on the special value but the fact is that GeaCom has produced the highest performing medical engagement hardware, providing the most safe and secure engagements, equally applied to any demographic, resulting in significantly improved efficacy without massive costs and efforts.  Proofs, medical trials, bench tests, self evident performance realities and other validations are available to fully qualify the above assertions.  This begs the question:  why is this not an immediate wildfire adoption in the market?  Because change, especially holistic change, to fundamental, foundational social structure is the hardest known change to mankind.  In the next blog entry here will dive into the realities faced. Also available in the general Phrazer/Kitsune blog is a more insight 🙁

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