Proper language and culture engagement is objectively ethical, urgent and required for indigenous populations.  Of course having these issues even to this day is a global embarrassment and must be addressed ASAP.  The ongoing cultural disrespect and medical disparities only compound with further delays.

GeaCom is pleased to be the world’s most culturally experienced, effective MedTech innovator.  Expertise with “orphaned” unwritten languages and isolated cultures is a point of pride for GeaCom.  There is only one company with the experience, track record, science, technology and commitment for success in addressing this tragic ongoing societal failure.

Legacy methods of equal engagement and attempts at disparity resolution for indigenous populations have all failed fantastically.  There is only one proven method to address this moral imperative and that is the CITE Method.  There is only one Company with the experience and track record with indigenous populations and that is GeaCom.  There is only one CITE Solution available and… of course it is Phrazer/Kitsune.

To learn the detailed rollout of proven CITE engagements for Indigenous populations, contact GeaCom leadership.

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