AI: Total Lack of CITE

There is a deep human proclivity to seek and avoid risk. Evolution favors a propensity to imagine risks when real ones aren’t at hand – it’s in our DNA. The process exhibits more aggressively in those with lower overall knowledge of a situation at hand.  In assessing a business this human behavior can take the form of “what-about-isms” that invariably end up pointing to the latest overhyped super solution. What about Apple entering the medical space, what about Google’s translation or Google Glass, what about Chinese technology, what about Epic’s patient tablet, what about WebMD, what about… what about …, what about… All of those perceived business killers turned out to be inconsequential or even beneficial to GeaCom’s business model.

Now, what about Artificial Intelligence? Given that the growth area of our business is District AIRs and Althing Clinic and these businesses require medical qualifications/certifications, human encounters, application of emotional intelligence, common sense interactions, environmental adaptability, physical dexterity, interpersonal skills and imagination (all things AI can not do currently or anytime soon) it follows that AI isn’t a real threat to our growth. Furthermore, our specialty encounters are producing raw sources of previously unavailable data which can be refined with AI to further monetize our services. On the GeaCom Enterprise Health side the requirements are much the same.  No real threat for now because AI has total lack of CITE.

Understanding the highly innovative patented novelty and value of our business and its grounding in Communication, Information Theory Empowered technologies will further help the curious understand its security against incursions. Further understanding the current state and capabilities of AI will ease the fears of those concerned about near term business conflicts.

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