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GeaCom has 100s of registered patents

In its more than 14 years of designing, manufacturing and deploying the most effective medical engagement solutions, GeaCom has refined, patented and protected its innovations. The combined Intellectual Property (IP) and novel technology place the solutions in a category of their own. Here are the top 5 protected innovations:

Patient Detail / Staff Summary
Special patents that enable full detail of information to be acquired from the patient, in their own language/literacy/etc. and at their own pace, to be summarized and conveyed to key care staff as actionable information. This includes same language patients, virtual health use cases and more. This patent is at the core of the innovative Multi-path Realtime Messaging engine of Phrazer/Kitsune and the multi-path audio notifications.

Convertible, Wearable Computer Headset
The special Kitsune hardware is patented with features that enable private wearable, desktop group and authoritative patient engagements. The special capabilities incentivize seamless communication with staff onsite/offsite and in group settings.

FDA Antimicrobial / Antiviral Technology
GeaCom has exclusive rights on use of an embedded molecule, that is in the casing of Phrazer/Kitsune, that mechanically kills bacteria and fungus on contact. This same molecule kills several viruses on contact. The technology doesn’t wear off and is effective even if not wiped down. This unique polymer blend enables the platform to exceed infectious disease control standards out-of-the-box.

Unique Swarm Intellect Decision Aid
By tracking all engagements (sans PHI) world-wide and all employed diagnostics & outcomes, the system is able to generate a “Swarm Intellect” (SI) capability to provide second to none decision aids for providers. New ranking of likely issues with patient compliance assessments are of unique and inestimable value. This feature also guides Shard Decision Making processes.

Communication & Information Theory Empowered (CITE)
GeaCom applies special methods and software to produce the strongly validated engagement interfaces, for patients and staff, that yield the highest accuracy and efficacy ever achieved (across all demographics). CITE is at the core of all GeaCom systems and what enables them to achieve record results.

GeaCom’s 100s of additional IP items help establish the world’s most effective digitally assisted engagement solutions. To add to this, the Company’s FDA compliant systems, specialty manufacturing and full source control enable security, efficiency and safety not available anywhere else.

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