Creating Demand to Create Market

GeaCom’s CITE design has an inherent ability to create demand.  Demand from the patient who needs and demands more fair, affordable, equitable care.  Demand from the nurses and providers who demand more top of licensure work experience with less data entry and low quality use of their time.  Demand from the operations and financial staff who require more streamlined services and fewer point solutions (as well as new sources of revenue).  Demand from regulators who will enforce ADA and Civil Rights laws now that this is possible.

Now that Phrazer is in its fourth iteration it has also taken GeaCom to a unique category of Company: one that can volume produce world leading hardware to medical grade and specification.  Our hard earned competency brings a unique and valuable dimension to the business.  The hardware has innovative function that enables CITE and MRM and also is enabling us to innovate faster, more affordably and with more control than any future potential competitor.

In short, GeaCom has a vital product that is just starting to tap into a deep demand potential, that requires a special type of hardware to function and that is wholly owned and patented by GeaCom.

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